Different types of vacuums and their features

Vacuum cleaners make cleaning the surfaces chores easy, but also these beautiful machines can give its users a rough time. There are various models where some come with few accessories, hard to find spare parts of the bags, a lot of noise, some are heavy, and others have bins that you struggle emptying. Many things will probably make one feel like not buying a vacuum cleaner, but with advanced technology and expansion of various models in the market, you get to select one which best suits the surface you are likely to be cleaning. The following options will assist in narrowing down the list to the perfect vacuum cleaner:

The upright vacuum

It is a type of cleaner that its sitting position is upright. It favors mostly users who do not wish to bend while working or have back problems. The upright vacuum cleaner has a lever that changes the machine angle for flexibility. This cleaner has either a bag for dust collection or bin. It has many accessories to help ease cleaning like the wands to clean corners and stairs. Challenges the owner may encounter using this machine are:

  • It requires space for storing tall objects.
  • It is the heaviest among vacuums.
  • The cost is a bit a high than the others.

The canister vacuum

It is a type of cleaner which consist of a canister, and a long extender of the wand. These vacuums are very flexible which make them attractive. The user has the freedom of carrying it around to surfaces that need cleaning, and it is the best in stairs cleaning. This machine requires active users who do not mind lifting around 15 pounds. The significant difference between a canister and upright cleaning vacuum is the mobility level, canister’s level is high. There are some setbacks that an owner will face such as:

  • Work while bending so getting tiresome a lot fast.
  • The length of the wand and cords makes it easy to tangle.
  • Difficult to store for hose and wand are not with the canister.

Handheld vacuum cleaner

As the name suggest, these are small filters that usually help in small chores. Most of them are cordless, so they make cleaning easy and fast. They can be bought as an accessory to a larger vacuum cleaner machine to avoid pulling over for small messes around the house. Characterized by lightweight and cordless, there are easy to store and lift.

Convertible vacuum cleaners

Some vacuum cleaners have amazing features, and conversion to other models is easy. These models are usually known as two in one. They are a great option if you have various floors. Instead of buying two cleaners, it will be wise to buy a convertible one.


In vacuum cleaner selection, upright models are better suited to use on most floors. It is advisable to choose a filter which will add value to your area rather than that which will challenge you in its use. Ask around to find out on various options before making a final decision.