Expert Tips to Extend Your iPad’s Battery Life

The iPad offers up to 10 hours of functional battery life, but this duration greatly reduces depending on how you use the gadget, and what you use it for. The battery should still hold 80 percent of its power after 1000 charge cycles. This is what the manufacturer promotes, but you can improve on it. Most users find that the charge doesn’t give them enough time to do their tasks, reason enough to explore new tricks to extend battery life and ultimately, its lifespan.

Avoid Phony Accessories

There are millions of iPad chargers on the market, but only a few are authentic. Simple advice – avoid low-cost, third-party, imitation chargers at all costs. You had better spend a few extra dollars to buy a genuine charger and get more out of your iPad than compromise on its functionality to save a few dollars. Most of the counterfeit chargers don’t even pass the quality tests, while some pose a safety hazard to you. These chargers might charge the gadget – yes – but the battery drains faster and the lifespan decreases. offers you a way out of this rut. Read about genuine chargers and what to expect from each on the site.

Adopt Proper Charging Techniques

You need to perform a full recharge once each month. A full recharge means you run the battery down to 5 percent then charge it back to 100 percent. Draining the battery to less than 5 percent gives you a dead battery that doesn’t have the juice to restart the charging cycle.

Start charging the battery when the charge is between 5 percent and 10 percent. Overcharging the battery shortens its lifespan. A perfect indicator to start the recharging cycle is when the red light indicator pops up on your screen.

You might argue that the iPad charging system comes with an inbuilt controller that manages the charging. This is true, but the controller eventually starts failing if you overcharge repeatedly.

Proper Storage Matters

When time comes to keep the iPad away for an extended period, don’t fully discharge the battery. Apply some charge, most preferably 50 percent before storing it. Charge the battery fully before you resume using the iPad.

The protective Case – Your Battery’s Enemy

You need to avoid situations where the iPad overheats. The optimum temperature for the iPad is 22 degrees Celsius. An elevated temperature increases battery capacity loss. The worst scenario is using your fully charged iPad at high temperatures. For instance, having the iPad in a case in direct sunlight might elevate the temperatures past the optimum. You should also remove the iPad from its protective case when charging its battery. Most of these cases block ventilation holes on the gadget, leading to rapid temperature rise during charging.


Your iPad can serve you better, only if you follow some expert tips regarding charger acquisition and following charging best practices. Don’t compromise the lifespan of your battery just to save a few dollars, always go for genuine chargers. Learn about charging best practices and use them to get more from the iPad. The good news is that these techniques work for all iPad models.