Take a (Massage) Seat: Anytime, Anywhere!

Maybe you’ve been looking at home massage chairs, but they’re too expensive to fit into your budget. You still want to reap some of the health benefits of massage at home without spending a fortune.

Never fear, we have an answer for you! Massage seat cushions can give you many of the same features as a full massaging chair at a fraction of the cost. You might be thinking, ‘well, that’s great! Now, how do I choose one?’

The first thing you’ll want to do is get helpful information from a variety of sources. This may include visiting websites as well as reading reviews from actual consumers who have purchased the product you’re looking at. Most retailers allow reviews, so it’s an excellent idea to read not only the excellent reviews, but the bad ones, too. They’ll offer you valuable information.

What Features are Offered?

Massage seat cushions have some distinctive features to offer. You’ll want to consider the features that will best suit your needs.


Many low-end massage pads only offer vibration, but a more effective massage is presented when the cushion has the same feel as a real massage. To this end, some massage pads do have rollers as well as vibrational massage.


Heat relaxes tense, sore muscles, and produces an awesome benefit when combined with massage.


Massage seat cushions provide a portability you can’t get from an at-home massage chair. With the right equipment (i.e. a power converter for your car’s accessory plug), you can even take one along for an extended car ride.

Area Covered

Some seat cushions only provide massage for the back, but there are some that work the neck and thigh areas as well.

Extended Massage Times

Many massage chairs and seat cushions only offer a maximum of 20 minutes for a massage. But sometimes, you’ll need a little more than that. Of course, you can just restart the cushion, but finding one with extended massage times, up to 30 or even 60 minutes, can be more useful.

Specifics by Brand

So, let’s talk about some name brand massage cushions and go over the advantages and disadvantages.

Belmint Shiatsu Dual-Motion Neck and Back Massager

As the name states, this cushion gives massage to both the back and neck, and provides Shiatsu massage, via a series of rollers, as well as vibration. This cushion also provides heat and has a handy remote control.

Some disadvantages to this seat cushion are the rollers, which some reviewers stated were too hard, giving too much pressure.

Five Star FS8812 10-Motor Massage Cushion

This is an affordable option at just under $100, and gives massage to neck, the back, and the legs. It also has a heat feature, but unfortunately this option is limited to just the lower back area. This cushion offers an extended 30-minute massage setting.

On the other hand, this cushion is loud, possibly limiting the places you could take it.

Gideon Vibrating Massager

This massaging cushion offers a 10-point vibrational massage, covering the neck, upper back, shoulders, lower back, thighs, and hips. It also has two heat zones.

One disadvantage to this cushion is there are no moving rollers, so the only massage you’ll get is from vibration.

Homedics QRM-400H

This massaging seat cushion is unique in that it offers an adjustable massage track, which allows you to slightly customize the massage according to your height. It gives both Shiatsu and vibrational massage, and has a heating option.

The four independent rollers can be quite intense for some people, and make this cushion a bit on the heavy side.

Zyllion ZMA-14-BK

This seat cushion contains rollers for Shiatsu massage, and they are somewhat adjustable to reach the neck, and it offers vibration and heat as well.

But again, the rolling action might be uncomfortable for some, and the automatic shut-off is set for only 15 minutes.


If you’re shopping around for a massaging seat cushion in lieu of an expensive home massage chair, you might be surprised at the number of products on the market. Do some research on the product and its manufacturer, read reviews, both good and bad, and compare the features of several models before you decide. You might just find yourself a new best friend!